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Osteomyology is a form of manipulative therapy used to treat a wide range of muscular-skeletal conditions including: Joint problems, neck, back and shoulder pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Peter McDonough is a highly qualified and experienced practitioner of osteomyology and a back pain consultant. Peter has had 20 years experience treating pain.

Dr A.J.W Clemens BA. MSc. Phd. DO developed Osteomyology back in 1992 ,

Dr Clemens  trained in  Japanese reviving techniques (Kappo) and has been involved in practicing different types of manual bodywork since 1964. He trained and graduated in Osteopathy and opened a thriving practice.  He came to the conclusion that all the varied treatment modalities could be combined to form a platform for the benefit and safe treatment of the public. Dr Clemens 7th Dan martial arts instructor had already achieved this idea in the field of martial arts training, where he had combined different styles and techniques to form an embryonic style of his own which produced some of the UK's finest martial artists.

Osteomyology puts aside the usual tunnel vision of rigidly trained philosophies and allows the practitioner to switch seamlessly from one bodywork protocol to another even combining some methods together, this way the practitioner is never defeated as his armoury is limitless. Dr Clemens boasts that in his organisation there exists some of the greatest innovators and exponents of the healing arts. Osteomyology is not as most people are led to believe, a combination of other peoples favourite techniques, but a totally different protocol, a mingling and changing of the old, plus the new, to develop a form, up until now, undiscovered. The reason we combine modalities and reinvent, arises from our philosophy and belief in VITALISM. No one method is seen as a cure all, so this is our method of treating patients sympathetically, effectively, and above all, safely. As individual as each person is on this planet earth, so is the individuality of each and every Osteomyology Practitioner, thereby ensuring that patients are treated as individuals.

Acoustic Wave - Shock wave therapy

Peter now offers Acoustic Wave Therapy for the highly effective treatment of tendon-related pain.

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Non surgical treatment for cellulite, inch loss and body shaping.


Acoustic Wave Therapy can provide fast relief from pain of tennis elbow, shoulder tendonitis, heel and knee trauma and degenerative disorders. It can provide mobility restoration with no anathesia, no drugs and no side effects.

The beneficial effects of Acoustic Wave Therapy are widely known. Scientists recognise that shockwaves can trigger a variety of effective actions.

Releases more Substance P

One of these messenger substances is substance P, a pain mediator and growth factor. On the one hand, the release of substance P by shockwaves has an analgesic effect. On the other, it dilates the blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation and contributes to the formation of new bone tissue. NO (nitric oxide) also has a vasodilatory effect and plays an important role in angiogenesis. In short, when applied where pain occurs, we know why shockwaves produce an analgesic effect, increase blood circulation and facilitate the repair process.

Inhibits the Cox II Enzyme

By inhibiting inflammatory mediators such as COX II, shockwaves produce an anti-inflammatory effect. This weakens any inflammatory process.

Activates Cellular Defenses

By contributing to the release of free radicals, shockwaves help strengthen the body's endogenous cellular defense mechanisms to protect it from disease.

Hyperstimulates nerve fibres

Scientific studies also show that shockwaves act in another way. Overstimulating the nerve fibres blocks an increase in pain stimuli and therefore intensifies the analgesic effect (Gate Control Theory).

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese medicine


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About Me

Peter started his career as a counsellor for the social services in the 1970s. In the 80s he toured America and Canada with the world famous healer Don Greenbank, author of "A Healers Pathway" and other books on healing.

Graduated from the prestigious Northern College of Massage and Manipulative Therapy.

He later gained a diploma in osteopathy at the renowned Northern Counties School of Osteopathy, Durham.

Through years of experience, Peter has developed a unique style and technique in treating many chronic and acute muscular-skeletal conditions.

Peter has trained with many well known teachers including Professor Laurie Hartman, Don Moody, biochemist and osteopath Mel Tozier and American Doctor of Chiropractic Dr Donsbach.

Qualified in Acupunture and traditional Chinese medicine, trained by Dr. David Dyer who spent 20 years living in Japan and lectures in Beijing in Chinese medicine.


  • Swedish Massage NCM
  • Manipulative Therapy NCM
  • Diploma Osteopathy NCOS
  • Registered Osteomyologist MOA
  • Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese medicine

Areas of work include:

  • Aiding recovering from trauma and injury
  • All soft tissue injuries
  • Chronic Pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Jaw, neck and shoulder problems
  • Joint problems
  • Sinusitis
  • Post operative support
  • Whiplash
  • Disc problems
  • Arthritic conditions
  • Fibromyalgia
  • M.E.
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Peter McDonough
Telephone: 01257 794 986
Email:    peter.mcdonough2@googlemail.com


'Friends and colleagues had recommended Peter to me when an old back injury started to flare up again.  I was a little apprenhensive to say the least having had numerous chiroparcters an physiotherapists over the years, without any real results.  Within the first session Peter was able to diagnose the problem, which numerous other professionals had been unable to do.  He then proceeded to treat the problem accordingly.  The results were much better than previously experienced.  I would fully recommend Peters services to to others who have found more traditional treatments ineffective.'    Lee Preece BA (Hons) QCS  Conductor

'As per usual you have sorted out my muscular problem which this time was a frozen shoulder, and what quick results we had with your new acoustic wave therapy machine  there was a definite improvement from the first treatment which improved the movement from 10 degrees to around 30 degrees , after a week’s rest and more acoustic treatment the movement was around 100 degrees , after the third week of treatment we had the full 180 degrees movement, the actual treatment is painless but peter advised that for the next couple of days after the initial treatment it would be a good idea to take pain killers as it may ache ,after the 2 days it settled down and was pain free ,thanks for giving me the usual body MOT and putting back into place a few out of joint ribs which unbeknown to me where impairing my breathing , and the advice on drinking the lemon water to flush out the kidneys and keep them working effectively.'   Andrew Partington

'Just a few lines to say thankyou to you both. I came to you a few weeks ago in pain, having been recommended by a friend who had also been successfully treated by yourselves. You pinpointed all my problems with unbelievable accuracy and found me a few i didnt know i had! I have been having accoustic wave therapy amongst other techniques from you now for four weeks and the difference is amazing. I have movement in my shoulder again, my back feels straighter and i can sleep! The treatment you have started on my lower back area is already much improved, another few weeks and i shall be doing cartwheels(well maybe not cartwheels)! Every week i put my life and faith in your healing hands, totally at ease in the knowledge that you will put me back on my feet. thankyou so much,'  joanne campbell(she of the many problems)

'Finding Peter change my life, I'm not saying a miracle happened - far from it.  Peter first reassured me that he wasn't going to make me worse, that's how frightened I was.  But over the months and years he has worked with me as a person.  Not only to relieve the pain but to get my body stronger and to be more mobile, and just as importantly to help build my self esteem and confidence.  I am now in a place I never thought possible.  I can walk and do simple tasks for myself, go on holiday unassisted, go to restaurants etc., all the every day tasks that most take for granted but had become impossible for me.   Peter continues to manage my treatment and condition, each year improvements are made.  I can highly recommend his treatment and approach.'   Catherine Hill